Electronic Fax Services

Fax Communication and Document Management Solution

LABUSA Electronic Fax as a Service (eFaaS) is a secure document delivery and management system designed to reduce the costs and security risks associated with fax machines and other faxing services. Federal and State government agencies and other organizations utilize LABUSA eFaaS because of its scalability, custom integration, and high reliability.

The LABUSA eFaaS is easy to use and works like email. The main faxing engine has supports sending and receiving of fax communication via both internet-based or telephone type connections. Built within the fax service is email, document management, and group collaboration tools. LABUSA also provides customization support for third-party application integration.

How You Benefit

LABUSA eFaaS email-to-fax capabilities allows you to send and receive documents electronically thus eliminating the need for costly fax machines. The savings from paper and ink can nearly pay for the electronic fax service.

Unlike other faxing services, LABUSA eFaaS offers a built-in enterprise-class email collaboration platform for managing and storing faxed documents. Maintaining the fax documents in one secure location provides for a higher level of security - allowing organizations to comply with HIPAA, SOX, Gramm-Leach Bliley, and other regulatory compliances.

The LABUSA eFaaS has been a proven ideal solution for medical, legal, real estate, financial, and government organizations. The following are some of the benefits they have realized:

  • Streamlined business processes
  • Eliminated fax machines
  • Increased document security
  • Maintained audit trail

How We Achieve It

LABUSA technology consultants and business analyst will work with you in developing a eFaaS solution that best meet your needs. After the initial deployment, the support team will continue to work with your staff to ensure that you are achieving the full capabilities of the solution.

Consider the following when planning your solution:

  • Test Drive: Do you have specific capabilities that you would like demonstrated or would you want to test system beforehand?
  • Fax Number: Will you need a new toll-free or local exchange number or will you need to port over an existing number?
  • Group or Single-user accounts: Do you want several users sharing a signal fax number and group account or each user with their own account and fax number?
  • Custom integration: Do you want to integrate your fax service with a third-party application?