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Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology
Improve security, reduce day-to-day support tasks for business applications and cloud-based infrastructure.

Cloud “as a Service” Solutions

LABUSA has designed, implemented, and provide ongoing management of computing infrastructure and software that provides fast results that align with business requirements and budgets.  Our people bring a mix of information technology and security disciplines, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value initiatives and generate savings to reinvest in other efforts.  Listed below are some turn-key cloud technology solutions;

Electronic Fax as a Service (eFaaS)

Electronic Fax service for sending and receiving fax by email, Internet, and on your mobile devices.

Email as a Service (EaaS)

Host email and messaging solution using Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Phone Service

Telephone, voicemail, short message service (SMS) and interactive voice response (IVR) solution.