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Integrated Security

Integrated Electronic Security Services
Protecting Intellectual and Physical Assets.

Protection with More Control and Less Risk

Integrating physical and information security technology for more visibility and control over safety and access.  From government to corporations, many organizations are struggling with protecting the company information and property. We provide products and service solutions to improve security. Our solutions provide clients with more control and less risk for the protection of their intellectual and tangible assets.

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integrated security control


An integral part of any security system is to monitor and control access to vulnerable areas within your facility. LABUSA offers Access Controls Systems to manage entry points that include doors, elevator floors, parking gates or garage doors. Our systems can restrict or limit access and track time and attendance.


Intrusion detection and monitoring is the best defense for responding to an active situation. LABUSA offers the product sales, installation and monitoring service for alarm systems and devices. Our central management stations can monitor door sensors, motion detection, glass break, fire, and other safety and security devices.


LABUSA provides security surveillance platforms for the monitoring, recording and control video and other electronic devices. Our solutions offer capabilities that include monitoring and recording of audio, video, transactions from Point of sales (POS) systems, ATMs, smoke/water detectors, panic switches, and other devices.