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Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management System

Advance the learning ecosystem.
Skills development, anytime on any device

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Simplify Organizational Learning

LABUSA LMS empowers organizations with the tools for building well-trained staff essential for success. Our LMS is designed for organizations spanning various locations or those looking to integrate digital technology into their training practices. E-learning technology is becoming essential to workforce development, and our tool offers unique advantages.


Built-in authoring tool to design courses compliant with WCAG 2 Level AA and SCORM.


Custom courses to specific learners, create quizzes, hand out badges, and issue certificates.


Organize learning paths and analyze training statistics to measure training success.

Work-integrated learning (WIL)

Enable learners to make social connections and collaborate on the platform via live video meetings, real-time direct messages, and group chats.

Integrate other systems

The LMS can be fully integrated with any Drupal platform (website, intranet, extranet, etc.) or other corporate tools to match your working environment and workflow process.


Accessibility and Flexibility
Accessibility and Flexibility

A SaaS or Standalone platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device, making education and training more flexible.

Enhanced Engagement
Enhanced Engagement

Interactive multimedia elements such as videos, quizzes, gamified assessments, and discussion boards within LMS modules.

Efficient Tracking and Reporting
Efficient Tracking and Reporting

Enables educators and administrators to track learners' progress, performance, and participation.


Cost and Time Savings
Cost and Time Savings

Eliminate the challenging traditional instructional delivery of education that has been proven costly and ineffective.

Collaboration and Community Building
Collaboration and Community Building

Discussion forums, chat features, and collaborative projects within LMS encourage peer-to-peer interaction.

Integration and Compatibility
Integration and Compatibility

LAB LMS can seamlessly integrate with other tools and software, such as video conferencing, analytics, and e-commerce platforms, enhancing the overall learning experience.

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