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IT & Security

Advancing Information and Security Ecosystems

Connecting knowledge with people, processes, and technology to increase productivity and reduce risks

Learning Ecosystems
Capability Brief

Struggling to connect technology and security with
business goals?

From deploying new systems to training staff, our customer-centric approach enables clients
to accelerate growth and drive cost efficiency.
Open Hybrid Cloud Platforms

IT architecture for workload portability across public and private clouds in orchestration with edge computing servers. Manage data at any scale and provide real-time capabilities while controlling cost.

Learning Management Systems

A cross-functional knowledge management, training, and assessment tool that supports on-permies, cloud, and hybrid deployments. A learning platform for use with PCs and mobile devices.

Electronic Fax as a Service (eFaaS)

Send and receive fax communication from email, software applications, or internet-connect scanners and printers. Gain dependability and reliability at a reduced cost while increasing information security.

Email as a Service (eFaaS)

Email, calendar, contacts, and instant messaging, with mobile support and archive & eDiscovery capabilities. Benefit from routine server management, anti-virus, and spam filtering software.

Content Management Systems

Scalable and robust Drupal content management systems to build and maintain enterprise websites. Intuitive content creation tools that allow non-technical users to create and publish content easily.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

Enable servers and end-user devices to be deployed, updated, and properly secured via the cloud. Save time and money on system updates or repairs by not having to dispatch a service technician.


Strategy, deployment, and support for short or long-term projects. Scale staff and resolve problems quickly. Benefit from specialists in all technology disciplines without having to employ full-time staff.


Workforce IT and cybersecurity training aligned with particular job roles for organizational capacity building. Improve employee satisfaction and retention. Increase efficiency and productivity.

The rapidly evolving information and security ecosystems are creating challenges.
Gain people, process, and technology alignment with your goals and manage risks.

Use Cases

Female e-Business Entrepreneur and Male IT Specialist Discussing Something and Use Laptop in Big Data Center Server Room.

Lower Operational Costs and Increase ROI

Reduce expenses by outsourcing business processes to people who can perform them effectively and efficiently. Employing experts for long or short-term projects to address specific tasks is a valuable strategy for growth.

Our consulting services provide subject matter experts with experience related to your challenges and goals. We recruit and manage the augmented staff who can work onsite or provide you with remote support

Server technician answering phone call from control room

Mitigate Risks with A Security-First Mindset

Zero-trust cybersecurity principles provide advanced protection of data and operations. Maintaining zero trust is challenging with remote staff, mobile devices, and interdependent cloud systems.

With our hybrid cloud and system integration service, we can help clients achieve a zero-trust architecture. Our remote monitoring and management of systems and mobile devices provide threat protection against malware and data loss.

LABUSA training video screen with diverse multinational people on it. Video meeting online for office employees working remotely. Multiracial colleagues involved in online conference, video call.

Adopt New Ways of Working and Deliver Results

As organizations increase staff remote working, they are experiencing deep collaboration and skills gaps – challenging productivity and innovation. Building a global workforce with increased capabilities requires continuous knowledge sharing, training, and development.

Through our training services, we provide the technology platform and experts who can deliver content, assess comprehension, and validate the learner’s ability to apply the knowledge they have gained.

Programmer working with computers in office of data center

Deploy a Cost-effective, Flexible, and Scalable IT Platform

As consumers demand a faster, more impressive experience, companies look to improve efficiency and innovate through cloud-based systems. Ensuring reliability, security, and cost requires hybrid clouds.

Our Open Hybrid Cloud strategy combines public and on-premises infrastructure for diverse workloads. From centralizing computing to employing edge computing to support low-latency applications, we help clients build an architecture that best align with their business goals.

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