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Web Development & Management

Web Development & Management

Deploying, Managing, and Securing Web Applications

LABUSA provides a wide range of website solutions for all levels of need. Our design, development, hosting, and content management services will help clients achieve enterprise solutions at cost-effective prices.

Throughout the web concept-to-deployment journey, we serve as trusted advisors and support resources for our clients. We assist with consulting, development, and support for their website issues. Our services enable capabilities that clients leverage for greater success.


Aligning business and website goals with technology strategies will ensure you have the right solution and protect your investment. LABUSA offers the following website consulting services:


  • Solve business and workflow problems.
  • Plan the right mix of technology and capacity to meet expected demand.
  • Troubleshoot problems and address security vulnerabilities.

Experience software and system engineers can configure and deploy the right infrastructure and design to support your web application. From static websites to E-commerce and mobile apps, our team will ensure the performance security needed. LABUSA offers the following services to keep your data highly available and secure;


  • Deploy Websites, Web-applications, E-Commerce, and Mobile Applications.
  • Provide a security framework and monitoring tools to prevent loss of productivity.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory guidance and risk management policies.

A large part of IT spending is in managing websites and web-based applications. However, most website support cost is not delivering a return on the investment. LABUSA manages web solutions and keeps them optimized with the following services;


  • Manage hardware and software updates, patching, and security vulnerability monitoring.
  • Provide content management support to solve update challenges.
  • IT Consultants to help with bug fix and performance issues.

How We Achieve Results

LABUSA can assist clients with design, development, and hosting with websites, web applications, and e-commerce sites. Our solution design team will work directly with your staff in first understanding the short and long-term goal and then building a path to get there. The following is an outline of some of the activities we provide throughout the process:

  • Technology Assessment of the usage and performance levels of the website.
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) comparing the cost of the proposed solution.
  • Determine effective technology to support the website.
  • Build the computing hardware and software infrastructure to support the application.
  • Secure data and operation integrity with on-going monitoring, reporting, and remediation.
  • Manage operations of the content management and updates.
  • Optimize websites performance and accessibility.
  • Migrate existing systems, databases, and applications to the cloud.

Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Call us

Over the phone or Email, get your questions answered, and let us tailor a solution for you. 

Step 2: Get Proof

Don’t commit until you are sure.  Let us provide a demo, proof-of-concept, or detailed proposal. 

Step 3: Focus on What Matters

Let us support it so that you can focus on your organization’s mission.