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Benefits of The Instersec Exhibit
A global event with a focus on security is bound to produce many benefits for both the attendees and those exhibiting. Here is a small breakdown of some of these benefits.
Cybersecurity Systems as Strategies and Tactics
Viewing cybersecurity as strategies and tactics means taking a comprehensive approach rather than relying solely on products and services. Open configuration options allow for customizable security systems that can be tailored to specific needs.
Email as a Service with Texas DIR
LABUSA Email as a Service (EaaS) offers a complete email and messaging solution, including features like email, calendar, contacts, and mobile support. The service is hosted on the Zimbra Collaboration Suite and integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory. Benefits include streamlined processes, cost-effectiveness, and increased security. LABUSA's team helps customize the solution and provides ongoing support. Features include chat, document collaboration, file sharing, mobile
Drupal Cloud Managed Services for Texas DIR Contract
Cloud managed services for Drupal-based websites.
Electronic Fax as a Service with Texas DIR
eFaaS is a secure service that allows users to send and receive electronic faxes through a web interface and mobile devices. It supports various document formats, offers simultaneous sending of faxes, and includes 10GB of storage space. Strong authentication options are available, and users can upgrade to a local or toll-free phone number for an extra cost.
Today's CIO's are seeking to partners
The role of the chief information officer (CIO) is to drive technology initiatives, improve return on investment (ROI), expand the business impact of IT, and ensure information security. Collaborating with external experts and leveraging technology partnerships can enhance business performance, regulatory compliance, and shareholder value. Indicators for expanding technology partnerships include IT and security crisis management, reputation protection, regulatory pressure, and the need for improved business capabilities. Influential CIOs have leadership skills and business acumen, leveraging a network of experts for strategic actions. LABUSA provides technology consultants to support the role of the "new" CIO.