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Founded with the drive to help companies and government agencies succeed

Solutions powered by 20+ years of experience

Seeking expert advice from an outside perspective and leveraging support while focusing on core competencies is the modern approach to technology leadership. 

LABUSA helps leaders by finding good talent, embedding support, and utilizing proven technology solutions to unleash the organization's great potential.

So whether you're an executive who needs to integrate emerging technology, a manager seeking support for operations, or a government organization in search of technology with a procurement vehicle, we have the solution for you.


Electronic Fax as a Service (eFaaS)

Electronic Fax as a Service (eFaaS)

Send and receive secure HIPAA compliant fax by Email, Web, mobile, or custom API.

Email as a Service (EaaS)

Email as a Service (EaaS)

Hosted secure email, chat, document storage, and group collaboration for remote users.

Cooperative Agreements


Let’s Get Started

Step 1: Call us

Over the phone or Email, get your questions answered, and let us tailor a solution for you. 

Step 2: Get Proof

Don’t commit until you are sure.  Let us provide a demo, proof-of-concept, or detailed proposal. 

Step 3: Focus on What Matters

Let us support it so that you can focus on your organization’s mission.