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Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Virtualization of the Data Center for Innovation and Agility

Cloud Managed Services with LABUSA is more than just outsourcing your daily IT management of cloud systems to streamline operations.  It is our goal to provide clients with better security, competences, and cost savings that enable them to be more innovative and agile in their organization. 

Throughout the cloud journey - migrate, secure, and manage - we sever as trusted advisors and support resources for our clients. We assist with the public, private, and hybrid topologies and a wide range of software solutions. Our services enable a pipeline for future-proof technology and capabilities that clients leverage for greater success.


Aligning business and technical goals to cloud strategies will ensure you have the right solution, protect your cloud investment, and allow for a smoother transition to the cloud.  LABUSA offers the following consulting & migration service capabilities;



Many assume that public cloud environments are inherently secure.  However, additional security controls are required to complement the security of the cloud environment.  LABUSA offers the following services to keep your data safe and secure;



More than 30% of IT spending is in managing existing computing infrastructure and security.  This doesn’t include what is needed to enhance capabilities.  LABUSA manages cloud solutions and keeps them optimized with the following services;


Match on-premise workload with the best cloud infrastructure or software solution.

Forecast the total cost of ownership (TCO) for a planned cloud solution.

Plan and migrate ways that minimize risk and reduce or eliminate downtime.

Deploy Identity access management, data, and application protection technology.

Provide a security framework and monitoring tools to prevent loss of productivity.

Ensure compliance with regulatory guidance and risk management policies.

Manage hardware and software updates, patching, and security vulnerability monitoring.

Provide 24×7 Help Desk support to solve end-user challenges.

IT Consultants to help with making the right decisions.

How We Achieve Results

LABUSA can assist clients on a public, private, or hybrid cloud platform in all phases of their cloud transformation. Our solution architects will work directly with stakeholders in first understanding the long-term goal and then building a path to get there. The following is an outline of some of the activities we provide throughout the process:

Technology assessment of the usage and performance levels of the current computing.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) custom reports to compare cost of current to proposed environments.

Determine effective cloud topology for business requirements (Public, Private, Hybrid).

Build the computing hardware and network infrastructure.

Secure data and operation integrity with on-going monitoring, reporting, and remediation.

Manage operations and updates within the cloud.

Optimize performance and spending as usage level changes.

Migrate existing systems, databases, and applications to cloud.

Our Cloud Partners

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on-demand cloud that delivers computing, storage, and applications via the internet.


Zimbra Collaboration Suite provides the software platform group email, messaging, and document sharing.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications.