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Cybersecurity Systems as Strategies and Tactics

Martin Laster, LABUSA: "companies should look at cybersecurity systems as strategies and tactics rather than products and services"

The pandemic has normalized remote working conditions and presented new opportunities for cybercriminals to attack companies and individuals alike. Now, effective cybersecurity solutions are more important than ever. To learn more or to get a proof-of-concept solution, please give us a call at 281-393-8003 or Email We look forward to hearing from you.

It’s widely known that professional security systems can detect cyber threats before they manage to compromise a device or an entire network. Even though it’s a great way to stop certain cyberattacks, effective cybersecurity solutions go beyond software and tools.

We’ve reached out to Martin Laster, the President of LABUSA, to talk about current cybersecurity trends and best practices to protect businesses of all sizes.



Founded in 1999, the company’s first business was website development, and today, the company supports corporations and government agencies internationally. LABUSA is a provider of information technology and security solutions that follow a customer-focused and outcome-driven business model. The customer engagement process is simple – we tailor products and services to the specific needs and then price our work based on performance. Clients benefit because they do not have to pay for unused features or change their business workflows to use our technology. Overall, the clients see a greater return on their investment using our model.


How did the recent global events affect Cloud Computing?

The impact of COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of cloud computing and has presented more cloud-to-edge computing opportunities. The need for cloud-based systems, mobile applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT) was highlighted in 2019-2020. As consumers demand a faster and more impressive experience, companies look to improve efficiency and innovate new solutions. Meanwhile, managing the workloads and ensuring reliability, security, and cost-effectiveness is challenging. Deploying a hybrid of public and private cloud systems is the key to modern infrastructure. 


How to invest in CyberSecurity?

I think companies should look at cybersecurity systems as strategies and tactics rather than products and services. Given the number of risk factors impacting the internet-connected computing infrastructure, it is difficult to prevent cyberattacks. When companies view it as a product or service issue, they tend to overspend with very little impact on their threat profile. Whereas, when the focus is on preventing business disruption, the emphasis is on reducing vulnerabilities and responding to consequences. The investment for small and large enterprises is to first understand the potential threats that may impact their business operations and devise strategies to counteract them.


What are some of the worst cybersecurity practices?

Unpatched or outdated software means there are potential vulnerabilities in your system. Not upgrading or not patching software regularly is probably the source of most cyber attacks.


What does the future hold?

We believe that data security, privacy, and availability will be the primary priority and challenge to business growth and sustainability in the future. LABUSA will continue to position itself to help clients deploy an IT architecture that incorporates workload portability across public and private clouds. 

The future holds a more globally interconnected technology environment for enterprises. LABUSA is positioning itself to meet the demand by expanding its network of partners around the world. The company will lead cross-functional teams to support data-centric solutions for the privacy, security, and operational performance interests within organizations. 


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