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Remote Monitoring and

Device deployment and support for non-technical users

As organizations are increasingly, allowing external devices to connect to the internal networks, their security threats become greater. Employing the systems and technical resources in-house to address the issue is not cost-effective. Our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) services focus on supporting non-technical clients with computers, networks, and mobile device support.

Many providers offer RMM software or services that require clients to have the technical expertise to properly support their devices. LABUSA delivers fully managed RMM solutions that include help desk support, break-fix, and new systems deployment. The service is fully customized to the client's specific needs.

How you Benefit

Tailored RMM services provide clients with more productivity and less worry with IT and cybersecurity.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, printers, cloud-based systems, networks, and other internet-connected devices.

System and Support Training

System and Support Training

Knowledge transfer to internal and remote staff of IT and cybersecurity best practices, and maintenance issues.



Document processes, credentials, and device relationships with IT security and compliance plans.

LABUSA RMM and hardware support service provides clients with routine IT tasks;

  • Monitor and remote on network and device health
  • Patch and update software and hardware
  • Supply clients with activity reports and data on issues of concerns
  • Respond to end-user support tickets when problems arise
  • Automate scheduled maintenance tasks, including backups
  • Handle new system, procurement, deployment, and break-fix

RMM benefits

  • Increase end-user productivity and reduce security risks
  • Better uptime and reduced disruption to business operations
  • Detect issues before they become problems and avoid system failure
  • Decrease site visits and the associated costs of IT support staff
  • Proactive maintenance produces optimal network speed and performance
  • The life of devices is extended which provides a better return on investment
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty are increased

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