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Hosted Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite

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Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite is the next-generation enterprise messaging and collaboration. Zimbra delivers innovation for the administrator and the end-user as well as compatibility with existing infrastructure and applications (both open source and proprietary). The Zimbra ZCS Network Edition provides feature rich email, contacts, and group calendaring. Zimbra is the Microsoft Exchange replacement, offering more functionality, less maintenance and overhead, and it cost less.


Zimbra Features – End-User Benefits

Freedom of Choice

  • Support of Windows, Apple and Linux computers
  • Browser - Zimbra Ajax client
  • PC Client - Outlook (Online, Offline, Cached Mode), Apple Mail and iCal, Eudora, Evolution, Thunderbird/Sunbird, RSS, etc.
  • Support for mobile devices: Blackberry, Treo and etc
  • Mobile - Wireless devices "over the air" synchronization.


Self-Organizing Mailboxes and Document Storage

  • Powerful, fast search (messages and attachments)
  • Create, upload, share, and save documents
  • Saved searches across folders
  • Conversation views across folders and Filters
  • Secure online document storage Comprehensive Calendaring


Comprehensive Calendaring

  • Group scheduling with free/busy management
  • Multiple calendars per user
  • Calendar delegation and sharing
  • Subscribe to external calendars in .ics format


Extensible model for linking message content to web applications

  • Intranet - ERP, CRM, Support, Finance, VoIP, etc.
  • Internet – Google/Yahoo Maps, Skype, Travel, Package Tracking.


Any Place, Any Machine

  • Rich, zero footprint, AJAX-based end-user interface (cross browser/OS)
  • Security sans VPN
  • Secure, read-only access to attachments without special-purpose client software

Modern collaboration styles/formats

  • RSS/ATOM feeds
  • Tags



Zimbra Features – Administrator Benefits

Online move, backup and recovery of individual or a group of mailboxes. Compatibility with Active Directory and existing LDAP directories. Native hierarchical storage management and clustering. Web services integration with existing enterprise applications. Integrated anti-spam and anti-virus.


Dedicated Hosted Zimbra Server

LAB provides dedicated hosted servers with Zimbra configured to your specifications. We can provide the users account administration or you can. In addition we can provide any level of support and maintenance, and optional cluster configuration you will need.