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LABUSA Named In 20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers

Small And Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Will Soon Discover How AWS Consulting Partner, LABUSA, Can Help Their Organization Become More Competitive.

CHICAGO - December 11, 2014 -The solution provider LABUSA, was recently listed in CIO Review magazine’s “20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers of 2014”, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) have the most to gain from the publication’s research study as they will discover LABUSA’s ability to secure data and organize IT practices with cloud solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers cloud infrastructure technology comprised of computing, storage, and application services from data centers throughout the United States and around the world. LABUSA is a Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and authorized reseller for AWS.

Cloud technology is popular in business because of its cost, scalability, and performance benefits. Essentially companies are getting virtual systems, services, and data centers at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to deploy the same in-house. Martin Laster, President at LABUSA, believes, “It is not the cloud alone that helps companies, but how the technology is deployed and managed that yields favorable result”.

LABUSA has developed and matured financially lean cloud services on the AWS platform that enables companies to manage information. “It is the availability, security, control, and cost of information which can impact the business operations,” explains Laster. LABUSA has many years of experience in helping government agencies and large corporations reduce costs and increase capabilities with cloud managed services.

LABUSA selection was the result of industry-leading companies and government agencies who leveraged the company to gain a competitive edge through its AWS solution offerings. “Although I am very appreciative of our high profile clients, I am partial to the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) that drive the economy and create jobs,” said Laster.

“We are thrilled to be listed in the magazine and it is my hope that the publication will inspire a leader of an SME to discover our risk-free performance-based AWS solution offerings.”

LAB Information Technology Incorporated (LABUSA), with offices in Chicago and Houston, is an information technology and security solution, provider. From deploying turnkey cloud technology to designing integrated hybrid platforms, LABUSA offers the flexibility and expertise needed to move IT to an “as-a-service” model.

LABUSA solutions address the issues dealing with the complexities, investment, and support of the IT infrastructure. Enabling the technology-dependent, security-conscious organizations to increase productivity and protect assets at a better cost to performance ratio.